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Catching the gradually weakening waves of the ocean tide of orgasm. When Lena's body last arched and the moan died in her dry throat, it was time for her husband to pour a fountain of sperm into her breasts. His cock throbbed, and streams of semen irrigated his wife's Topless Twerking body, merging in viscous rivulets with the pools of Volodya's sperm, drying up in the hollow between Lena's breasts heaving. From heavy breathing. : Everyone was devastated Topless Twerking lay motionless for a long time. Lena, after the crazy lightning of an unprecedented orgasm, could not come to her senses and lay with her eyes closed, dissolving in sensations. Her main desire was that when she came to her senses and opened her eyes, the fairy tale of incredibly tender relationships that had been fanned all. This evening would not end.

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