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Seryozha gently removed her hands and kissed her, whispering to her: - Do not be afraid of anything, Bunny Butt Bj me, everything will be fine with us: you will not regret anything. Believe me. The pink bra lay neatly over the removed blouse and skirt. Her panties, the last bastion of defense, were subject to persistent attacks and surrendered, taking their place alongside the rest of the garments. There was nothing left on the girl, her virgin body beckoned with its nakedness. Sergey completely undressed and took a seat on the large double bed next to Zhenya.

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Lera was a little tempted, and did Bunny Butt Bj know how to refuse. After all, she herself invited them to taste the fish in response to her husband's jokes. To offend a Bunny Butt Bj with a categorical refusal is not an option. And following the example of her husband, she took a mouthful of beer, so as not to agree aloud, she also nodded to the guy. He bent down lower, ran his sharp little nose between his thighs, and dug his lips into the place where the genital slit on the pubis begins. Lera felt his hot breath and wet lips through the thin silk of her panties. Fire-breathing torches just burst out of his nostrils, burning the inner surface of his thighs, and streams of saliva flowed from his.

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