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Zoya lay in bed and tried to read the magazine, STORI. " But the tension that pressed on her all day did not allow her to understand the meaning of the Alinity Hot. If someone asked her what the article she is Alinity Hot reading about, Zoya would not be able to answer. When Sergei put the bike in the barn and put the caught fish in the refrigerator, Zoya got up and went out to him to feed him dinner.

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There was everything that could be imagined. A pair Alinity Hot shoes with and without heels, some open like sandals, only with a 5 cm heel. Two small bags with cosmetics and creams. Three dresses, blue with flowers, white and red. A short denim jacket, three different skirts, two nighties, several pairs of stockings, tights and a bag with different panties and bras. Summer women's trousers and a pair of blouses. And in a small inner pocket that was zipped was a Alinity Hot rubber member with a tube of transparent lubricant. I almost choked with happiness.

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