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"Im gonnna look at my comics a new way"

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After talking normally, both came to the conclusion that since it happened then so be it. She even promised Serega to allow this occasionally. And for some reason she warned Bust Or Booty she would have to tell my father. This scared Serega half to death, but nothing happened. During the conversation itself, he was not present, but his father simply congratulated him on the fact that he had become a real man, added that he himself would have done. The same in such a situation, but asked not to do this in the future. Serega did not understand the situation until his mother whispered to him that the version for his father was slightly different from the real one. It turned Bust Or Booty that she had climbed under the bed without having time to put on panties when there was no one in the room, and Seryoga, who.

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