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There was a movie going on. After a while, Natalya dozed off and began to roll down on me, her head was in my lap. I sat and looked at her, I gently touched her breasts with my hand, touched her through a thin dress since she was without a bra, I touched her breasts. Then my hand began to slowly go down, I began to touch her hips and so I touched her ass with my hand under I started to climb the dress under the panties and then Natasha woke up (it was stupid to put my hand under her panties and think that she would not wake up) I jumped up and my face turned red as a tomato -What did you do Dream Girl Nude why. - she asked, -Excuse me please, I didnt want to, you are just beautiful, and I thought in general I didnt want to: sorry. - I was so scared that I didn't know what to say. - Okay, Dream Girl Nude sorry, but what would you want if I hadn't woken up, what would you have done. I stood with my head bowed.

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